At Fir Lawn Lutheran we err on the side of grace. Jesus came to do more than simply sort the good from the bad.  He came for all of us.  We welcome all, love all, and leave the sorting of hearts to God.  If this sounds like a good place to get to know Jesus or become reacquainted, then come and visit.

Who says Christians need to march in Lock-step agreement with one another on every issue?   That just doesn't make sense.  Jesus built His church with outsiders, folks on the fringe and others who were simply discouraged by the world around them.  He never intended for us to be clones.  When we abide with Jesus, His life becomes our own.

We don’t put dogma before relationship. If you have been baptized, great! We don't care how much water was used or how old you were.   Are you curious about God and the world?  That’s great too!  It doesn’t matter to us which version of the Bible you read.  Are you a liberal, a conservative, or indifferent?  Good for you! You will find people here to agree and disagree with.  Christ comes first and all the rest is secondary.  We care about you because He first cared about us.

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